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    1. New Ethics-In-Genealogy Mailing List
    2. Laura & Brad Koehn
    3. Greetings Researchers, I'd like to introduce the new mailing list that has been created at RootsWeb, ETHICS-IN-GENEALOGY-L. This forum is for discussions of ethics, accuracy, integrity, and excellence in genealogical research. *As genealogists, what do we consider appropriate and inappropriate behavior? *Is there a code of ethics for family historians? *What internet genealogical sites would you rank as "excellent"? Which do you think are "inferior"? *Should we pay for genealogy? By posting our information to the net, are we "sharing", or are we just "giving away"? *Have you been "burned" by another researcher? What can and should be done? *Any comments about the big influx of inexperienced "newbie" family history seekers on the net? You must be a subscriber to post to the list. To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to (mail mode) or (digest mode)." Laura Koehn, ListOwner

    01/23/2000 11:53:34