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  1. 12/10/2002 09:59:40
    1. Marvin Jepsen
    2. gosnell
    3. I'm looking for a Marvin Jepsen who had a son Milton P. Jepsen born 1907 in NE., he married Sally Elizabeth Gosnell they lived in the North Platte, NE., area. Harold Gosnell

    09/27/2001 02:50:55
    1. Milton P. Jepsen 1907 in NE.
    2. gosnell
    3. Looking for information on Milton P. Jepsen born 1907 in NE. He married Sarah Gosnell and they lived in North Platte, NE. His father's name was Marvin Jepsen. Harold Gosnell

    07/24/2001 08:29:42
    1. Looking for Hans Poulsen Jepsen
    2. I am looking for any descendents of Hans Poulsen Jepsen. Born July 31, 1865 in Vester Terp, Tonder County, Denmark (then under Gernan rule Emigrated to USA April 4, 1882 Parents: Mathias Jepsen & Johanne Catherine Poulsdatter Thanks for any help!!!!!! Ruth Teske in Las Vegas, Nv

    07/23/2000 05:40:11