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    1. [ITALIANS-PA] Institute Registration Dates in February: IGHR, GRIP, Gen-Fed
    2. Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL
    3. IGHR is opening its registration this Saturday, Feb. 1 for the 13 courses offered July 26-31, 2020. The courses are held on the University of Georgia conference center in Athens, Georgia. Check them out at <> You will see many of the same instructors as you see at other institutes and conferences. Gen-Fed has one course of 40 people taught at the National Archives in Washington, DC. Their registration opens on Saturday, February 22 for the forty seats. See <> GRIP registration opens one week from today on Wednesday, Feb. 5 for the 20 different courses being offered this summer in three separate weeks in Pittsburgh. These courses are very popular so pay attention to the time that each week opens. (But don't be afraid of the wait list since we do accommodate most of it.) You can get the details at <> which was just revamped yesterday. So if you have read it before look again. There is new material there including a PDF of screen shots of the registration process. Each course has 18 sessions which are detailed along with any pre-requisites under the course name at <> Of interest to this group is the IMMIGRATION course from an Italian and Irish expert along with the retired expert on Federal Immigration Records, Marian Smith. GRIP is the most economical of the institute experiences with on-campus rooms and meals included in the housing package. The in-person experience means you not only benefit from the instructors' knowledge but the other students as well since you have all chosen the same course because of the same interest. There is a lot of camaraderie, sharing, and networking that benefits you even after you have left campus. Take a look at the courses and make your list of which one(s) you want to take from the top instructors in our field. These are the people you are reading their blogs and books and can give you insight into the subject that would take months or years to assimilate in other learning methods. If you want to learn on an accelerated path then institutes should be high on your priority list. See you there! -- Elissa Elissa Scalise Powell, Certified GenealogistR, Certified Genealogical Lecturer(SM) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania <> <> - 20 different genealogy courses offered in 3 weeks: 21-26 June 2020, 6-10 July 2020, and 19-24 July 2020 in Pittsburgh, PA

    01/29/2020 04:02:19