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    1. [ISTG-STAFF] uploads 01.28.20
    2. Mary Teeter
    3. Uploads 01.28.20 Volume 19 now contains 240 ships for a total of 25631 passengers blackwarrior18520902 - SS Black Warrior - Havana, Cuba to Mobile, Alabama - 11p caledonia18690304 - SS Caledonia - Glasgow, Scotland to New York - 146p germanic18990908_01 - SS Germanic - Liverpool, England & Queenstown Ireland to New York - 436p hannibal18340226 - Ship Hannibal - London, England to New York - 24p monmouth18420705 - Ship Monmouth - Liverpool, England to Boston, Mass - 141p orpheus18340227 - Ship Orpheus - Liverpool, England to New York - 3p scandinavian18900925 - SS Scandinavian - Glasgow, Scotland to Philadelphia, PA - 106p spain18851230 - SS Spain - Liverpool, England to New York - 148p threebrothers18490622 - Brig Three Brothers - Cork, Ireland to Boston, Mass - 74p westindialass18350722 - Schooner West India Lass - Grand Caymans to New Orleans, LA - 17p As some of you may know, Ancestry is discontinuing all the lists previously and once upon a time owned by Rootsweb. Therefore this digest will go away as of March 2, 2020. I have set up a private Facebook group. In order to see the page and read the updates to our site, you will have to have a Facebook page. If you are not already on Facebook, please set up a page. You don't have to make your page public; in fact, you don't have to invite any friends. It will sit idle as long as you log in, you can then go to our group page via this link: <>

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