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    1. [IoW] Isle-of-Wight moving to
    2. Keith Elmo Eldridge
    3. Hi to all Isle-of-Wight subscribers, As has been mentioned before, is shutting down all the RootsWeb mailing lists. The lists will be closed to subscribers and owners (administrators.) The Archives will remain accessible at I have sent an invitation to all the current subscribers, so please respond to that invite if you want to join us in our new home at There will be some further set-up of the new group (there are a lot of options.) Please do let me know at Isle-of-Wight+owner at if the wording can be improved. If you have a photo (one that you have copyright of) that represents the island then feel free to send it to me. Regards Elmo. -- --Keith Elmo ELDRIDGE --Elmo at --Crookes, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. --Ex List Administrator of the Isle-of-Wight mailing list --Group Owner of the Isle-of-Wight genealogy group --Isle-of-Wight+owner at

    02/15/2020 10:10:44