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    1. [Isle-of-Thanet] {admin} posting restrictions
    2. Malcolm Austen
    3. You might like to know that I have checked with Rootsweb and confirmed that they no longer have a plain-text-and-no-attachments policy. This means that you can now post in HTML if you wish and you can attach images if you wish ... BUT ... The message size limit is going to stay at 40kb (at least for the time being) which means that many messages making use of HTML and/or attachments will be held for moderation. I will make the call as to whether the message is OK. For example, I will probably let through a 20kb image attachment but I'll not let through a 2Mb image attachment! In case you are unaware, an HTML message will be about three times the size of the equivalent plain text email. Also, an image attachment will 'swell' by about 30% in an email. So an image that is 20kb in your local disk will add about 26kb to the size of the email. Common sense should prevail. As an example, gratuitous HTML animations will not be appreciated! If you can say it in plain text, please do so. Malcolm. -- Malcolm Austen <>

    08/07/2018 03:53:47