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    1. [BELFAST] Nelson & Co Cement Manufacturers 1888 - after 1951
    2. Brett Weinberg
    3. Hi, I would like to find out details of the owners, management and even employees of NELSON & CO. in its early days, 1888 to 1900. As I am located in Australia, I need to find an online method of accessing this information, but am not aware of any sources. Can someone please point me in the right direction. NELSON & CO. was at 1 Midland St. from its foundation in 1888 up to at least 1951. JOHN BEAN NELSON 1867-1927 was involved with the company, which also had offices at his home 226 Springfield Rd. 1924-1932 Nelson & Co founded. Ad. in Belfast Newsletter Friday, January 13 1888 TO THE USERS OF STEAM-POWER. NELSON’S ABESTOS, FIBROUS, NON-CONDUCTING CEMENT, as a Covering for Boilers, Steam- pipes, Cylinders, &c. both for durability and economy in fuel, is unequaled. Prices and par- ticulars may be had on application. Estimates given, and experienced workmen sent to all parts of the kingdom. All orders promptly executed - SAMUEL NELSON, Works and Offices, Midland Street, of Wilton Street, Belfast, Est. 1870 1951 Belfast Street Directory Midland Street from 63 Wilton Street to Canmore Street 1. Nelson & Co. (store) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brett Weinberg Buninyong, Victoria, Australia

    04/18/2018 06:32:58