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    1. [IRISH-SCOTS] Campbells and Brownlees, from Scotland to Ireland
    2. Pat Connors
    3. I have three ancestors whose families emigrated to Ireland from Scotland, the Fox/Todds, the Campbells and the Brownlees. In my last post to the list, I talked about my Brownlee family so now I am going mention my Campbells who are first found in County Armagh.  Unlike the Brownlees, they were Catholic. George Campbell, my gr grandfather, was born in 1849 in Columkille, Derrylard, County Armagh, he was Catholic.  He emigrated to Troy NY and at least one sister emigrated to Australia. George's parents were his father, also George b 1822 in Ireland and his mother Mary Fox/Todd (Fox is English for Todd, both names used in Ireland) b ca 1822 in Ireland. I have no idea where they were originally from in Scotland.  As I said in my Brownlee post, my recent DNA found some that relate to Glasgow.  I am thinking that since the Brownlees settled in Co Down that maybe they are the Glasgow family, however, my opinion is not based on any proof.  I am looking for ideas from any who my have some Irish/Scottish research. -- Pat Connors

    07/23/2019 05:05:16