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    3. Marie, I note from Griffiths that in 1858, there were 2 separate James Loughrey farms in Roosky Upper (plots 14 & 22), and also farms occupied by Owen Loughrey (plot 20) and John Loughrey (plot 21). Given that these 3 farms were side by side, they are bound to be related to each other. You would need to check the Griffiths revaluation records to see what happened to all these properties and which one was the one still occupied in 1901. The records are in the Valuation Office in Dublin. They are not on-line (save for those for Northern Ireland) but if you e-mail the Valuation Office they may help you by looking them up. The other thing to check are the tithe applotment records (1820-1830) for Rooskey Upper townland. Most are on-line for Donegal but the Roosky ones are not. Possibly they have been lost. You could ask National Archives if they have survived, and if so if they have them. Did you pick up daughter Sarah living on her own in 1911? A possible death for John Loughrey. Strabane Oct – Dec 1880 Vol 2, page 227. Est year of birth 1820. Owen Loughery death Jan – Mar 1888 Strabane Viol 2, page 264 est year of birth 1807. He died intestate. Here’s the abstract (summary) of his will. Administration of the estate of Owen Loughrey late of Rooskey County Donegal Farmer who died 5 February 1888 granted at Londonderry to Charles Loughrey of Rooskey Upper Farmer the Son. Effects £210. (Source for the above is the PRONI wills website). No sign of a death for James Loughery b c 1788, in the period 1864 – 1901, in the Irish civil indexes, which suggests to me he may have died before 1864 when the records start or alternatively somewhere other than Rooskey.. The baptism and marriage records for the RC parish of Raphoe don’t start till 1863 so it’s going to be hard tracing earlier events. Elwyn On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 8:00 AM, <> wrote: > > > Today's Topics: > > 1. Loughry's of Donegal (Marie Vanlaeys) > > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Message: 1 > Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 12:24:12 -0700 (PDT) > From: Marie Vanlaeys <> > Subject: [IRISH-SCOTS] Loughry's of Donegal > To: "" <> > Message-ID: > <> > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 > > I am searching for James Loughrey born about 1788-1890 living in > Castlefin, Parish of Raphoe, co Donegal from about 1833 to > 1870's.? I believe he had at least two or more sons including my grt grt > Bernard Loughrey born abt 1834 also a Charles Loughrey who appears to be > residing in Scotland in 1901.? Bernard married Margaret McCaffrey abt 1855 > +-?2 yrs.? Bernard was living in in house #22?in 1901census as James > Loughrey in 1857 Griffiths Valuation.? Also a will by?Conell?Loughrey in > 1788 from Castlefinn.? Would appreciate any help connecting the dots as > well as information on James Loughrey's wife. > Thank you, Marie > > ------------------------------ > > To contact the IRISH-SCOTS list administrator, send an email to > > > To post a message to the IRISH-SCOTS mailing list, send an email to > > > __________________________________________________________ > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > > with the word "unsubscribe" without the quotes in the subject and the body > of the > email with no additional text. > > > End of IRISH-SCOTS Digest, Vol 7, Issue 6 > ***************************************** >

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