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    3. Obits has combined with Headstones tombstones, memorials, cemeteries, wills and obits and anything to do with said subjects You have two choices you may use, the decision is always yours to make Firstly we have a face book page for said subjects if you use that medium Secondly we have a group with elephants in the room I am still working the kinks out and trying to make transition easy as it can be from roots web to either or both if you desire links. The Rootsweb list will be finished as soon as I have you all moved out to wherever it is you are going and those going no- where, well I am sorry you will be unsubbed of the 2/3/2020 Please do consider unsubbing yourself from rootsweb also at leat by the middle of Feb anyway. Thanks Cara

    01/13/2020 09:11:48