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    1. [IRELAND-OBITS] Update from Cara
    2. cara_links
    3. Good Afternoon from Cara I am sorry if you have posted in vain and nothing appeared of your mail, so no requests for information was found. I am sorry this occurred due to updates at Rootsweb that we as Admins knew nothing about, nothing at all Should you now find yourself receiving mail from the Obit list would you be kind enough to tell us what it was you posted in the last few weeks months even, let us once again try and pick up the lists, and use them for what they are intended for seeking a Tombstone or Memorial stone an obituary or simply a little help etc It would be nice to keep the list moving with interesting bits on your family research, make it a ROLL CALL we guarantee nothing, but we do try to help where we can and when we can. But like all things that we do not use we lose them so lets keep this list Rolling along folk Kindest regards Cara

    11/04/2016 11:25:24