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    1. [IRC-RW] Rootsweb lists are alive again!
    2. Valorie Zimmerman
    3. Hello everybody, After some months, RootsWeb mailing lists are up and running on updated software. A few things are changed, some for the better. One of the items currently being addressed is why messages from subscribers are not always going directly to the list. Sometimes these posts are being held for administrative action. This could be because the poster - although subscribed to the list - may not be registered with RootsWeb. So my advice is to register with RootsWeb. It takes only a few moments and might fix the posting issues. Instructions: If you had an account set up before, you can use the same email and username, but you *must* choose a new password. If you are an Ancestry member, please do not use the same password as you use there. One of the great things about registering is that you will be able to control many things about your list mail from Rootsweb without contacting the listowner. All the best, Valorie list admin --

    03/26/2018 09:53:52