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    1. [IN-WEST-CENTRAL] Benny Snellenberger obit
    2. Lena Harper
    3. Benny SNELLENBERGER CHILD BURNED TO DEATH Mrs. Snellenberger of Jefferson, Makes Heroic Effort to Prevent Incineration of Her Son. A most distressing accident which caused the death in horrible form of Benny Snellenberger, two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Snellenberger, occurred in Jefferson last Friday. The child died from the effect of burns after living through three hours of indescribably bodily torture. The particulars as given us by Will C. Squier, whose father, Dr. Squier, was called to alleviate the sufferings of the youthful victim, are these: About 8 o’clock, and while the mother was busy with her morning household duties, the child was playing about the room in which there was a hot fire burning in an open stove. Doubtless the little lad, child like, was attracted to the stove and in imitation of its elders began poking the fire; at any rate the child’s clothing caught fire and almost with the rapidity of thought the flames had reached its tender young flesh and its agonizing cries attracted the mother’s attention. She realized the awful danger her child was in and fought like mad to prevent the flames from completing the fatal work so well begun. After a trying ordeal in which her own hands were almost broiled, she succeeded in smothering out the flames and then the terrible consequences to the child were but too plainly apparent. He was entirely denuded of clothing, his hair burned off and the scalp cooked to the bone, while his body, arms and legs were a charred and blackened heap. There was notwithstanding a sign of life remaining and the quivering muscles and flesh showed the terrible pain the child was called upon to endure. Dr. Squier was summoned and reached the home as speedily as possible, but was powerless to do more than ease the child’s sufferings, the extent of the burns, both external and internal being too severe for any human agency to overcome. The child’s death occurred at 11 o’clock. Mrs. Snellenberger’s injuries are of a very painful character and in addition she is prostrated from the awful shock caused by the fatal accident to her child. Source: Frankfort Banner, Saturday, December 6, 1902, page 1 Contributed by: Lena Harper Added: 2 Oct 2011

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