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    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Bartholomew County: Martin Vanest Narrowly Escaped Death
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Indianapolis (IN) News, April 2, 1908, p. 13. Columbus, Ind., April 2-Martin Vanest, a relative of William T. Vanest of whitecapping fame, came near losing his life on the road between here and Brown County yesterday afternoon. Vanest was driving a team that was hitched to a wagon loaded with baled hay. While crossing a stream, one of the wagon wheels gave way and Vanest was thrown from the top of the load. He was so badly injured that he lay in the water where he had fallen for about 30 minutes. Fortunately, the stream was small and low and he managed to keep his head above the water. The chilling water soon began to benumb the injured man and by making a painful effort, he crawled to the bank where he lay in his wet clothing until some men came along and helped him to the house of a neighbor. His fall dislocated his left shoulder, injured his back and he is bruised and otherwise hurt.

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