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    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Harrison County: Dr. Newman Threatened by Whitecappers
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Yale, Expositor, St. Clair County, Michigan, August 16, 1895, p. 3. Quite a sensation has been created at Corydon, Ind., by the sudden and unexpected departure of Dr. Newman, a leading specialist of New York. Dr. Newman located in Corydon four or five years ago and in a short time built up a large practice. This is said to have excited the envy and malice of some of the practitioners and also of two young lawyers of the town who are supposed to be members of the whitecap organization. Harrison County has the reputation of being the birthplace and hotbed of whitecaps and the doctor's enemies conceived the idea of resorting to their never failing methods to get rid of him. Accordingly, a secret meeting was held in a weird hollow near Corydon and the result was that the doctor received a notice in regular whitecap form informing him that he must leave Harrison County or suffer the penalty, and being a stranger in the town and knowing something of the acts of Harrison County whitecaps on former occasions, he no doubt deemed it expedient to leave Corydon forthwith.

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