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    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Clark County: Prof. Thomas J. Charleton Relocated
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Indianapolis (IN) Journal, February 24, 1904, p. 12. NOTE: The item below was abbreviated from the original as shown by the ellipsis. Dr. F. R. Charleton of this city was called to Louisville yesterday morning by the serious illness of his father, Prof. Thomas J. Charleton who was for 20 years superintendent of the Plainfield Reform School. Word was received from Dr. Charleton last night that Professor Charleton died at eight o'clock at the Beech Hurst Sanitarium. Prof. Charleton was widely known throughout the state, principally by the work he performed while superintendent of the Plainfield Reform School.He was born in Charleston, Ind., and his home is at Hanover, Ind. He was a graduate of Hanover College and attended West Point. Interment will be at Hanover.

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