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    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Jackson County: Isaac Clinton Ferris: A Brief History
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    3. A lengthy, well-documented article titled "A Bucolic Paradise," by Norman Ferris about the family of Isaac Clinton Ferris (1819-1901) was published in the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Connections: The Hoosier Genealogist. It was accompanied by six pictures and has been summarized below. (See pp. 42-52.) Isaac Clinton Ferris was the born to Isaac and Elcy (Thornell Ferris. He grew up near Cincinnati, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Parmenter (1819-1860) and they had four children: Anna, John, James Wesley and Bell. After the death of his first wife, he married Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Holliday. Not long afterward the family settled in the area of Chestnut Ridge south of Seymour in Jackson County. Isaac was a horticulturist and travelled to sell his products. By 1867 he had begun to play a prominent role in annual meetings of the Indiana State Horticultural Society. He invested his savings and borrowed money to plant his farm with thousands of trees including fruit, nut and evergreen. The year that Isaac's peach crop failed he was also forced to pay off the debt of a man for whom he has endorsed a note. This caused him to lose his home in a foreclosure and in 1880 the family located in Alabama. After Kate died in 1882, Isaac moved to Hill City, Tennessee to live with his widowed eldest daughter. He died in 1901.

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