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    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Floyd County: Delbert Cook Mysteriously Disappeared
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Terre Haute (IN) Daily Gazette, September 29, 1870. Delbert Cook of Georgetown, Floyd County, mysteriously disappeared on Friday night, and it is feared committed suicide. He labored under temporary insanity.

    07/04/2016 03:43:31
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Floyd County: Charles Goetzman Died
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Terre Haute (IN) Daily Gazette, September 29, 1870. Charles Goetzman of Muddy Fork, Clark County, about twelve miles from New Albany, committed suicide on Saturday by shooting himself through the head with a pistol. Whisky and domestic infelicity were the causes.

    07/04/2016 03:43:12
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Crawford County: L. R. Davis Visited by Grandfather
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Crawford County (IN) Democrat, April 15, 1920, p. 5. Marengo-S. R. Davis of Dade City, Fla., is here visiting his grandson, L. R. Davis. He intends staying North during the summer.

    07/04/2016 03:40:56
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Crawford County: Brother of Mrs. Ben W. Curtis Died
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Crawford County (IN) Democrat, April 15, 1920, p. 5. Marengo-Mrs. Ben W. Curtis was called to Tuscan (sic), Arizona, by the illness and death of her brother, Earl Neal, who was in the U. S. Navy. The remains were brought to New Harmony for burial. Mr. Curtis met his wife who was accompanying the body, at St. Louis, Saturday and went with her to New Harmony for the funeral and burial.

    07/04/2016 03:40:25
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Crawford County: Eugene Okes Died
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Crawford County (IN) Democrat, April 15, 1920, p. 5. Marengo-Eugene Okes, who has been ill with tuberculosis, died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Clarissa Okes, early Tuesday. No arrangements had been made for funeral at this writing.

    07/04/2016 03:40:02
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Crawford County: Lueldo R. Davis To Relocate
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Crawford County (IN) Democrat, April 15, 1920, p. 5. Marengo--Lueldo R. Davis left Tuesday for Louisville where he has accepted a position as supervisor of agents with the New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. Mr. Davis has represented the company here for several years as local agent and has made good as is shown by his appointment to this important position by the company with a good salary.

    07/04/2016 03:39:29
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Crawford County: Mrs. Lewis Engleman Died
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Crawford County (IN) Democrat, April 15, 1920, p. 1. In Loving Remembrance-of our dear wife and mother, Mrs. Lewis Engleman who departed this life April 2, 1919. "Done dear mother, oh how we miss you, and as dawns upon another year in our lonely hours of thinking, thoughts of you are very near. We think we see your loving smile, although one year has passed, and in our memory fresh it is and will be to the last. We mourn for you dear mother day and night for the heart that mourns sincerely mourns silently and low." Sadly missed by her husband, children and grandchildren.

    07/04/2016 03:39:06
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Clark County: Prof. Thomas J. Charleton Relocated
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Indianapolis (IN) Journal, February 24, 1904, p. 12. NOTE: The item below was abbreviated from the original as shown by the ellipsis. Dr. F. R. Charleton of this city was called to Louisville yesterday morning by the serious illness of his father, Prof. Thomas J. Charleton who was for 20 years superintendent of the Plainfield Reform School. Word was received from Dr. Charleton last night that Professor Charleton died at eight o'clock at the Beech Hurst Sanitarium. Prof. Charleton was widely known throughout the state, principally by the work he performed while superintendent of the Plainfield Reform School.He was born in Charleston, Ind., and his home is at Hanover, Ind. He was a graduate of Hanover College and attended West Point. Interment will be at Hanover.

    07/02/2016 03:11:17
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Clark County: Rev. Cephas Shelburne To Accept Pastorate of Church at Charleston
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Tazewell (VA) Republican, August 14, 1902, p. 1. Rev. Cephas Shelburne, who has for the past three years been pastor of the Christian Church in Roanoke, preached his farewell sermon Monday night. Mr. Shelbourne (sic) has accepted the pastorate of a large church of the same denomination in Charleston, Ind., and will leave at once to assume his new charge. His old church at Roanoke has not yet extended a call to anyone but will likely do so at an early date.

    07/02/2016 02:25:58
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Clark County: Dr. Charles Dottorff's Daughter Died
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Maysville (KY) Evening Bulletin, January 14, 1895, p. 4. Louisville, Jan. 14-At Charleston, Ind., 12 miles from Jeffersonville, Dr. Charles Dottorff's little son gave his sister, who was sick, a deadly potion while "playing doctor." Shortly afterward the doctor, who keeps a drug store, came in and found the girl in convulsions. The boy told his father what he had done but after replacing the bottle in the prescription case was unable to again find it. The child lingered in intense agony for several hours before death relieved it.

    07/02/2016 02:25:38
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Clark County: Mrs. Current Seriously Ill
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Breckenridge (KY) News, April 5, 1899, p. 5. Mrs. Funk Houser of Charleston, Ind., was called to her mother's bedside, Mrs. Current. She is not expected to live.

    07/02/2016 02:25:09
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Clark County: W. W. Smith Died
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Little Falls (MN) Weekly Transcript, January 4, 1895, p. 1. Kansas City, Dec. 31-W. W. Smith, secretary of the Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company, died at his home here of valvular disease of the heart. Mr. Smith was born in Charleston, Ind., 57 years ago. He was at one time vice president of the Illinois Central and Louisville railroad. He was the inventor of many improvements in telephone exchange work.

    07/02/2016 02:24:49
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Brown County: Sarah Banfill Died
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Columbus (IN) Republic, March 16, 1881, p. 4. Mrs. Sarah Banfill died at 5:30 o'clock this morning at the advanced age of 87 years. She has been in delicate health for some time but was not considered dangerously sick. She had just raised up to take a dose of medicine and fell back dead. She was the mother of Mrs. F. M. Banfill and Mrs. F. T. Hord. The funeral will take place Friday at one o'clock from the residence of F. M. Banfill.

    07/01/2016 07:26:46
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Brown County: Dr. Joseph Griffith Seriously Ill
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Columbus (IN) Daily Times, December 15, 1896, p. 4. Nashville News Notes-Dr. Joseph Griffith of Story, who has been seriously ill from an attack of hemorrhage of the lungs, is some better at this writing. He was brought to Nashville yesterday. He is a son of Dr. A. S. Griffith of this place.

    07/01/2016 07:26:20
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Brown County: Alonzo Allison, Jr., to Relocate
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Columbus (IN) Daily Times, December 15, 1896, p. 4. Nashville News Notes-Alonzo Allison, Jr., has accepted a position in the When (sic) Clothing Store at Indianapolis. He departs for the city tomorrow but does not enter upon his duties until January 1, 1897.

    07/01/2016 07:26:02
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Brown County: Dr. C. E. Kennedy Attends Medical College
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Columbus (IN) Daily Times, December 15, 1896, p. 4. Nashville News Notes-Dr. C. E. Kennedy, who is attending medical college at Indianapolis, will spend the holidays at home.

    07/01/2016 07:25:41
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Brown and Monroe County: Fred Seward to Wed Dorothy Hopper
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Brown County (IN) Democrat, June 4, 1914, p. 5. An approaching wedding of two well-known and popular young people of this city is that of Fred Seward, head of the Seward foundry works, and Miss Dorothy, daughter of Mrs. Eva Hopper, a teacher this year in the county school. The wedding will occur in the city near the last of June. Both are quite popular in church and society circles. The bride-elect was graduated from the Bloomington High School in 1912 and was president of her class. Mr. Seward has been successfully engaged in the foundry business since the death of his father, W. H. Seward; is a graduate of the Bloomington High School and attended university for two years. He is a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity and was captain of the track team both at high school and university. He was an all-around good athlete, especially at hurdles and helped win a number of banners for B. H. S. During the past five years he has managed the foundry business with success. Bloomington Telephone Miss Hopper is a native of Nashville, being a daughter of Charles Hopper, deceased.

    07/01/2016 07:23:27
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Bartholomew County: Cyrus Brown Convicted of Murdering His Wife
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Bloomington World (Monroe County, Indiana), April 12, 1892, p.18. NOTE: The item below was abbreviated from the original as shown by the ellipsis. Cyrus Brown, who was convicted of murder in the first degree in the Bartholomew circuit court for the killing of his wife, Amanda, and sentenced to be hanged April 20, was given another chance for his life by the Supreme Court yesterday. Judge Coffey wrote the opinion which reverses the decision of the lower court and directs the granting of a new trial. This action is taken because of the fact that during Brown's trial one of the jurors got drunk overnight and, though he was in the jury box the next morning apparently none the worse for his celebration, the Supreme Court believes that his lapse from sobriety invalidates the jury's action and rendered imperative the granting of a new trial.

    06/30/2016 12:57:00
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Bartholomew County: Martin Vanest Narrowly Escaped Death
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Indianapolis (IN) News, April 2, 1908, p. 13. Columbus, Ind., April 2-Martin Vanest, a relative of William T. Vanest of whitecapping fame, came near losing his life on the road between here and Brown County yesterday afternoon. Vanest was driving a team that was hitched to a wagon loaded with baled hay. While crossing a stream, one of the wagon wheels gave way and Vanest was thrown from the top of the load. He was so badly injured that he lay in the water where he had fallen for about 30 minutes. Fortunately, the stream was small and low and he managed to keep his head above the water. The chilling water soon began to benumb the injured man and by making a painful effort, he crawled to the bank where he lay in his wet clothing until some men came along and helped him to the house of a neighbor. His fall dislocated his left shoulder, injured his back and he is bruised and otherwise hurt.

    06/30/2016 12:56:35
    1. [IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL] Bartholomew County: M/M Strahl Agree to Live Apart
    2. Randi Richardson via
    3. Columbus (IN) Republican, March 15, 1881, p0. 4. The Strahl divorce case, an account of which was given by the Republican yesterday, was compromised this afternoon through the intervention of Mrs. William Gilgour (sic), a sister of the plaintiff, Mrs. Strahl. The plaintiff and defendant have equally divided their property and agree to live apart hereafter, though without a divorce.

    06/30/2016 12:56:09