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    2. Sharon Galitz
    3. John Haskin (possible middle initial L) John Haskin born about 1821 (New York state per the 1850 census). Married in Crete 1845 to Clarissa Elisabeth Keeney, killed 1858 by his wife's brother George Nelson Keeney. The Keeney brothers William, David (could be a cousin) and George Nelson (he used either name at times) are nowhere to be found after the 1860 census. Surname has been seen as Keeney, Kinney, Kinnie. William Keeney sold property in 1865 that was originally purchased in 1840 by his father William Sr. [LAND SALE: Research July 16, 2007 at Joliet, Illinois Courthouse Land Record division. November 13/15/18 1865 William Keeney to Anton Schlander $75; book 90, page 5?5. SW 1/2 361/2 South 2 3413. [Numbers are the same as original land purchased by William Keeney, Sr. in 1840] Sharon Haskin Galitz, Surprise, AZ

    06/01/2018 07:40:41