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    1. ([ILWILL])Robert George MOORE & Family 1998-ish
    2. Vincent E. Summers
    3. A friend of mine, now deceased, lived in NJ and PA. However, he is listed as being in Joliet, Illinois around 1998. This seems uncharacteristic of him. He was married, but I don't know of his wife. Perhaps she was from there. But they apparently were divorced. There is no mention of any wife in his obituary, despite the mention of children. Robert was born 11 April 1947 at Croton of the Hudson, Cortlandt, Westchester County, New York. His children (that I am sure of) were Eric George and Allison MOORE. They live or lived at Newtown, PA, later. I know this list is due to disappear pronto, but before it does... Can anyone find ANY reference to Robert's life at Joliet? Thanks, Vince Summers Nelson County, Virginia

    02/27/2020 07:30:19