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    1. ([ILWILL])Multi-states wills added
    2. W David Samuelsen
    3. Neighboring counties... Oregon, Yamhill - 1854-1926 Ohio, Wayne - 1817-1840 West Virginia, Marshall 1835-1871 and Wetzel 1847-1903 Tennessee, Washington 1779-1857 Kentucky, Martin 1861-1941 Indiana, Marion 1840-1865 Images not online, seen only at Family History Center Illinois, Cook 1883-1884 not available online or go to Salt Lake City's Family History Library. Images are accessible via links. Free access to FamilySearch but you need FamilySearch account, which is free. For other states/counties in last 4 months W David Samuelsen SAMPUBCO

    11/21/2018 12:49:28