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    1. [ILMENARD] Please recommend a land records researcher.
    2. Lee Anne Center
    3. Below are descriptions given in Willard R. Center's land patents. Please recommend a researcher who can find and send me digital copies (preferred) or/and photocopies of land sales records and plat maps for Willard R. and Susan Center's land in Menard County, Mason County and Logan County. As you probably know, Menard and Logan were formed from part of Sangamon County in 1839 and Mason County was formed from part of Menard County in 1841. I am also looking for records of land sold by Willard's son Joseph R. Center after 1879, especially the 44 acres owned in Logan Co. by Willard in 1873. Joseph R. Center was the executor of his father's estate in 1879, and Willard's wife Susan died after the 1880 Eminence, Logan Co., IL federal census. As a starting place, please see the list below of Willard's land patents in Menard/Sangamon and Mason Counties and land he owned in Twp. 21 & 22N in 1873, according to an 1873 plat map. Lee Anne LOGAN COUNTY: Willard R. Center's Logan County Land on 1873 Plat Map - Section 2, Township 21 & 22N, Range 2W (looks like 44 acres; acreage is hard to read) MENARD/SANGAMON and MASON COUNTIES: Land Patents by Willard R. Center in Illinois, 3rd Principal Meridian (interestingly, the 8 Sept. 1835 patent twice lists Willard as Willard R. Center and twice lists him as William R. Center on the land patent. 8 Sept. 1835, Menard, Sangamon, NW1/4SE1/4 of Section 31 of Township 18N, Range 5W of 3rd PM. 1 Nov. 1839, Menard, NE1/4NW1/4 of Sect. 34 of Township 18N, Range 6W of 3rd PM. 3 Mar. 1843, Menard, SE1/4 of Township 17N, Range 6W, Sect. 32 of 3rd PM. 1 Jan. 1849, Mason, NE1/4NE1/4 and NW1/4NE1/4 of Sect. 15 of Township 19N, Range 10W of 3rd PM. 1 Jan. 1849, Mason, SW1/4NE1/4 of Township 19N, Range 10W, Section 15 of 3rd PM.

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