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    1. [ILLIVING] FRESCOLN Family Photographs
    2. Shelley Cardiel
    3. I've "rescued" two old photographs belonging to the FRESCOLN Family of Illinois. The first is a photograph of Edward & Jennie FRESCOLN which was taken at the Watson Bros. Studio in Fairbury, IL, likely sometime in the 1880's. The children in this photograph appear to be about 3-5 years old at the time. The second photograph is identified only as "Grandpa FRESCOLN" and was taken at the E. M. Phillips Studio in Fairbury, IL. The photograph also appears to have been taken in the 1880's with the man in the photograph likely in his 50's or 60's at the time. Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding this family: Jennie O. FRESCOLN was b. Feb 1881 in IL and George Edward FRESCOLN was b. 7 Nov 1883 in IL to parents J. Wesley FRESCOLN (b. Aug 1855 in Chester Co. PA) and Frances Anna WHITNEY (b. Aug 1860 in NY). This couple had 4 children including, Jennie O.; George Edward; Cecil R.; and Vergil F. FRESCOLN, all born between 1881 and 1895 in IL and KS. The surname appears to have been spelled FRESHCORN, FRESHCOLN, and FRESCOLN over the years. George d. 1953 at the age of 69 and is buried in the Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham, Washington. Census records provide the following information: 1900 census of Canton Town, KS: Wesley J. FRESCOLN, age 44, born Aug 1855, married 21 years, born PA, parents born PA, a Minister Anna F. FRESCOLN, wife, age 39, born Aug 1860, married 21 years, 4 children/4 living, born NY, parents born NY, a School Teacher Jennie E. FRESCOLN, dau, age 19, born Feb 1881, born IL, a School Teacher George E. FRESCOLN, son, age 16, born Nov 1883, born IL Cecil K. FRESCOLN, son, age 12, born Nov 1887, born KS Vergil F. FRESCOLN, son, age 5, born Apr 1895, born KS 1920 census of Seattle, WA: Anna F. FRESCOLN, age 59, a widow, born NY, parents born NY, a Housekeeper J. E. WHITNEY, father, age 81, a widower, born NY, parents born VT, an unemployed Machinist G. Edward FRESCOLN, son, age 36, born IL, parents born PA/NY, a Linen Merchant 1930 census of Seattle, WA: G. Edward FRESCOLN, age 46, born IL Anna F. FRESCOLN, mother, age 69, born NY J. Edward WHITNEY, grandfather, age 93, born NY 1940 census of Seattle, WA: Edward FRESCOLN, age 56, born IL, a Linen Shop Salesman I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that the photographs can be returned to their care. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

    08/08/2012 06:43:32