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    1. [ILLIVING] WALTON Shout Out
    2. Kmiecik, Linda
    3. Seeking for decades any information on Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" WALTON, born  c. 1867, admitted to the Livingston Co. Poor farm (records already checked) 7 December 1891 with daughter Maggie, age unknown, and baby daughter Maude born 29 October 1891, by Frank Clark, Supervisor, Reading Township, Livingston Co.   Maude was given up for legal adoption 16 March 1892 to John and Sarah (UMPHENOUR) WELCH who sold produce to the Poor Farm.  Lizzie and Maggie were discharged from the Poor Farm 1 April 1892 and vanished.  Is Lizzie part of any McLean and/or Livingston Co. WALTON family?  Is she the Mary Elizabeth WALTON, age 24, who married Arthur CAMPBELL, on 23 November 1892 at St. Matthew's Church, Bloomington, McLean Co., Certificate No. 9826 in Book J, p. 310?  This couple also seems to have vanished and is not found so far in any 1900 census.  I do have some Welch and Umphenour information, Livingston Co. records, McLean Co. births and marriages.   Any information on likely WALTON families wanted.  They seem not related to Fairbury store WALTON people, one of whom had a daughter Mary F. WALTON of the right age. The baby Maude, then mostly grown, eloped with Joseph LIGHTHOLDER of Pontiac, Livingston Co., IL in May of 1908 in St. Joseph, MI and settled in Pontiac.  They were my paternal grandparents.  The Lightholders and Welches and maybe the Walton-Campbell couple were Catholic. Linda Lightholder Kmiecik, [email protected] Girard, Macoupin Co., IL

    05/16/2018 06:12:57