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    1. [ILEFFING] Irish in West Township, Effingham County, Illinois
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    3. Please tell me of "families of West Twp." I have the following sources for the William and Margaret (Laffan) Donnelly family: Wm. Sr. Dau., Chr. Rec. 1814 Wm. Sr. Loan 1823 Wm. Sr. Repayment 1824 Wm. Sr. Son, Chr. Rec. 1825 Wm. Sr. Tithe Applotment 1826 Wm. Sr. Surety for Bourke 1830 Wm. Sr. Bourke Default 1831 Wm. Sr. Declaration 1832 Wm. Sr. Voter’s List 1832 Wm. Jr. and Margaret Marr. 1839 Wm. Jr. and Margaret Dau Chr.1840 Wm. Jr. and Margaret Dau Chr.1842 Wm. Loan 1843 Wm. Payment 1844 Wm. Jr. and Margaret son Chr. 1844 Wm. Payment 1845 Wm.’s gun taken 1846 Wm. Jr. and Margaret son Chr. 1846 Wm. Surety Collopy Loan 1847 Wm. Jr. and Margaret dau. Chr.1848 Wm. Surety Collopy Default 1848 Wm. & wife at Robt. Conway home 1848 Wm. Jr.’s Fam Passenger List 1849 News, Ship* Honor* 1849 Wm. Jr. and Margaret son died 1849 NY Albany Census 1850 Wm. Jr. and Margaret son Chr. 1850 NY Albany Directory 1852-3 Wm. Jr. and Margaret dau. b. 1852 Wm. Jr. and Margaret dau b. 1854 NY, Coeymans Census 1855 Ill., Eff. Census 1860 Ill., Eff. Cemetery 1865 Wm. Jr.’s Epitaph: Let all my friends cease from Weeping, I am not dead but Sleeping, A toilsome world I leave behind, A Crown of Glory for to find. Ill., Eff. Census 1870 Ill., Eff. Cemetery 1871 Margaret’s Epitaph: May she Rest in Peace. Amen Do not weep but pray for me. Underneath this stone doth lie as much Virtue as could die, which when alive did Vigor give to as much Beauty as could live.

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