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    1. [ILCASS] Surnames of members of churches in Cass county in our database
    2. Robert L. Webb via
    3. The Primitive Baptist Library, in Carthage, Illinois, maintains a database of members from Illinois church records, and a database of obituaries from our church periodicals dating back to the early 1800's. Our library website is at the following link: The surnames of members of two Cass county churches are as follows: Clear Creek Church (near Beardstown) (we think the records could still exist but haven't been able to find them yet.). The county history quotes from them as though they existed, perhaps they are hidden in some file in the historical society. Bridgewater, Buck, Castellow, Crow, Davis, Epler, Hardy, Hill, Howell, Hudson, Huffman, Matthews, Murphy, Ray, Richards, Shoopman, White (very incomplete due to loss of records). Little Flock Church (across from Pontiac cemetery,. Earlier the church was located at the Little Shepherd cemetery site) Adkins, Armstrong, Atterberry, Baker, Baldwin, Best, Bixler, Blunt, Bridges, Bridgewater, Briggs, Buck, Burrows, Butler, Chatham, Chessor, Colburn, Colby, Cook, Cooper, Cowan, Crow, Curby, Davis, Dearing, Dick, Dodson, Dowel, Dunbar, Edwards, Fanshier, Farmer, Garner, Garrett, Goble, Goff, Griffin, Hagans, Hall, Hickey, Hobbs, Hughett, Hunter, Ishmael, Ivans, Johnson, Jones, King, Lane, Lawson, Logue, Lucas, Lynn, Mangus, Masten, Matthews, Matthis, McHenry, McKinney, Miller, Milstead, Morgan, Morris, Mullen, Murphy, Nance, Nester, Newman, Nicholas, Ore, Overbeck, Phillips, Revas (Revis), Rose, Sellars, Sheppard, Showalter, Skaggs, Smith, Stover, Taney, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Underbrink, Wagoner, Watkins, Whiteley, Whitten, Wilkey, Wise, Witty, Wright.

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