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    1. [ILCASS] Nancy BATTERTON death record
    2. Lance L. Piatt
    3. Dear List Members, I am in search of a death record for a Nancy BATTERTON who was last seen living with her daughter Samantha WOOLRIDGE in Richmond, Cass County, in 1860. Her broken tombstone was found in a field in what is now called WOOLRIDGE Cemetery, in Menard County. The bottom half was broken off and never recovered and believed to be lost forever. The tombstone of William WOODRIDGE was also recovered and restored. Regards, Lance

    05/08/2014 12:04:37
    1. Re: [ILCASS] Nancy BATTERTON death record
    2. Nancy & Ted
    3. This is probably a long shot, but keep in mind that Nancy is a nickname, or diminutive, of Ann, so you might find her under that name. I think that was more commonly known a few generations ago. I know, because I are one. legally ANN, but known as Nancy

    05/08/2014 04:00:42