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    1. [ILBOONE] Hospitals in Belvidere, Boone County 1914
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    3. I am looking for a sanitarium or a hospital back in 1914. My ancestor had went to the facility to recover the newspaper articles below mention that he went to Belvidere Sanitarium. I am writing to ask anyone if they know of such facility. I really think the newspaper was mix up on its information back in 1914. I know the medical records I would not be able to obtain but I was looking for the family history part of the record, where he would of listed his parents names, his wife and child and possibility his siblings names along with dates. John William Schmitt that was taken to the Sanitarium in Belvidere around Feb 7, 1914, and return from the Belvidere sanitarium on March 8, 1914. Newspaper Articles Abstracted *********************************************************************** *The Rockford Register-Gazette Monday January 26, 1914* Under Huntley Title Mr. John Schmidt is quite ill at his home here. ************************************************************************** *The Rockford Register-Gazette Saturday February 7, 1914* John Schmidt has been taken to a sanitarium at Belvidere Mr. Schmidt has been ill the last six or eight months ************************************************************************** *The Rockford Register-Gazette Saturday March 11, 1914 Wednesday* Under Huntley Title John Schmidt returned from the Belvidere Sanitarium Sunday. He is slowly improving. *************************************************************************** *Daily Register Gazette (Rockford, IL) June 15, 1914 Monday* John Schmidt passed away at his home on Woodstock Street Wednesday after a years illness. He is survived by his wife and little daughter and four brothers. The funeral was held Saturday morning from St. Mary's Church. (This would be Wednesday June 10, 1914) ****************************************************************************** I have contacted the Lake county Discovery Museum and below is there reply If the sanitarium was located in Belvidere, Illinois, we do not have information on it. In Lake County, Illinois, Lake Breeze Sanitarium (also known as Camp Breeze) was located on Grand Avenue in Waukegan from 1908/1909 – 1914. In 1939, a tuberculosis sanitarium was built on Belvidere Road in Waukegan. Here’s a brief history of tuberculosis care in Lake County, Illinois: Thank you for contacting the Lake County Discovery Museum. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance. Sincerely, Diana So, with this note, I am contacting Boone County, to make sure if there was a hospital of some type back in 1914. Diana mention that the Tuberculosis Sanitarium was not built until 1939 on Belvidere road in Waukegan. Thank you for taking time to read my email. -- Charlotte Flock [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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