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    1. [ILBOONE] Kleber
    2. I have two pictures of members of the Kleber family. I know they were in the Boone Co. area in the early 1900s. One is a picture of Julia (1878 - 1958 (maiden name may be Lovage), married to Charles R. Kleber. and with child(maybe daughter, Elizabeth). Taken Jan '00 (looks like) Second picture is Julia with Lawrence H. Kleber (b. 1893) and Ada Bernice Kleber (b. 1910. Probably taken around 1911. Does anyone know someone in the family still around to give these pictures to? I think other children in this family were: Norman and Raymond. Some may be in the Belvidere area. Thank you Janet Beckington (they were from Boone Co.) Buchanan

    04/08/2014 11:50:50