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    1. [IL-COOK-ELKGROVE] Updated Nerge Family Tree
    2. Larry
    3. Greetings! I just finished updating my Nerge family tree web site at My last update was 9/30/2008 and I have since added 1,473 family members related to Bartels, Behrens, Berlin, Brinkman(n), Claus, Franzen, Feldten, Gathman, Garbrecht, Gehrls, Greve, Gronke, Haberkamp, Haemker, Hagenow, Hartmann, Hasse, Heinrich, Hitzeman(n), Homeyer, Judisch, Klehm, Krumwiede, Lackner, Malzahn, Mensching, Meyer, Nordmeier, Oldenburg, Piepenbrink, Rascher, Rekeweg, Rieke, Rohde, Schierding, Schoepke, Schoppe, Senne, Teigeler, Teyler, Thies, Veden, Vette, Wilkening, and more. Also, many hundreds of updates related to Elk Grove, and local area families. Please share what you have. Many of my additions come from those who visit my web site. Some of them have made my tree a repository for their own family trees. Living down here in Florida, I rely on others living in Illinois and elsewhere to research families, churches, libraries, funeral homes, court houses, newspapers, and graveyards. Working together we have created a family history for all of us to enjoy. If you want more details about information that is privatized or that is saved in textual areas (birth, wedding & death announcements and special interest articles), contact me directly at Here's another opportunity for us to meet, on September 20 at 1:00 PM I'll be the guest speaker at the Schaumburg Library. The subject will be the Founding Families of St. Peters Lutheran Church, Schaumburg, IL. I hope to see you there. Larry Nerge

    02/28/2009 02:27:53