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    1. ([IADELAWA])December and IAGenWeb
    2. dusters34
    3. Here we are closing in on the end of another wonderful year at IAGenWeb! And what a year it has been!  Our "Christmas Tree" has been giving us the wonderful gifts "wrapped" and contributed by you our very special volunteers! You have given us the glorious gift of your time in transcribing and doing look-ups to help others.  We have been so Blessed this year with the wonderful "gifts" from all of You. We hope you will stop by and visit our wonderful orphan projects! There must be one that is just right for you to become a CC of. We have 16 outstanding counties for you to choose from. Our orphans are: Adams, Calhoun, Carroll, Cerro Gordo, Emmet, Floyd, Franklin, Jackson, Jones, Keokuk, Lyon, Mahaska, Mitchell, Montgomery, Pottawattamie, Poweshiek, Sac and Worth.  These counties are with out a permanent coordinator and would really like to have someone like you as their coordinator. For more information on how you too can be a Coordinator please email our Welcome Hostess at [email protected] and become a part of this great organization known as IAGenWeb! Thank You For Giving IAGenWeb Another Successful Year!! Karon & Karyn, Welcome Hostess' [email protected]

    12/08/2019 09:50:19