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    2. Joan Asche
    3. Hello all, As you probably already know the mailing lists are being moved to a new list management system. The migration of this list was rescheduled from a previous message date and is scheduled to be migrated on Tuesday, August 22 For anyone interested the schedule and additional information may be found Once this list is moved to the new service it should not present any problems but you should be aware that you may need to adjust your spam filters. Officially from rootsweb: <snip> The "-L" is being dropped from the "official" list name. This means the "from" address your mailing list emails come from will be slightly different- vs. the current You may have to adjust your spam filters or put the new address on your "accept" list to prevent it from being caught in your "junk" folder. <snip> AOL users have reported some problems with receiving mail in a timely matter and you can find additional information about this by subscribing to the support group AOLers-RootsWeb Mailing List or simply reading through the list archives You will be able to send mail with or without the "-L" ALSO: subscribers who subscribe in both the list and digest modes using the same email address will no longer be able to do so. You may still subscribe to both but you will need to use two email address. You can always use a free Internet account such as hotmail, yahoo or gmail. I have a few gmail invites left for anyone who would like one. Any questions just email me at

    08/20/2006 02:32:08