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    2. Joan Asche
    3. Hello all, Just a quick list update to let you know that this mailing list is scheduled to be migrated to the new mailing list service on Thursday, August 17. The change will mostly affect anyone who is subscribed in both list and digest modes. You will no longer be able to subscribe to both lists modes with the same address. You can belong to both modes if you like but you will need to subscribe to them using different email addresses. You can always use a free online email service such as yahoo, hotmail, or gmail. Anyone who would like an invite to gmail please contact me at If you do not change your mailing address to the digest mode you will no longer receive a digest copy, but you will still continue to receive your mail under list mode. Once again this only pertains to those folks who subscribe to both list and digest modes using the same email address. For everyone else things should go smoothly. For additional information regarding the list migration see: Please do not discuss this on this list. If you have any questions please email me privately Sincerely, Joan Asche Admin

    08/14/2006 04:32:20