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    2. Joan L. Asche
    3. Forwarding to the List with my stamp of approval! Hope to see more folks posting their brickwalls. Subject: Brickwalls Date: 01/28/2005, 11:52 AM From: "D. J. Brotherton" <> To: Joan, I have a Great Grandfather who is listed in the 1860 Iowa Census as a Stagecoach driver. Does this qualify as a Teamsters? His name was George Brown, a very common name. Family gossip states that he drove a route from Iowa to Idaho and on the way got pneumonia and died. I have been unable to find anything about this fact - or his father and mother's names etc. The only information I have is contained in the 1860 Census and it states he is 23 years old and born in New York - I know that he lived at least four more years as he was the father of my grandfather who was born in December 1864. By 1870 Jane is hife is married to another man and my grandfather was living with them. My Great Grandmother and her son, my grandfather, arrived in Oregon in 1881. Would this be a Brickwall that could be placed on this listing. If not I thank you for reading this email. At the very least is there a book or website that could give me an understanding of the job of a stagecoach driver in those days. Dolores

    01/28/2005 03:48:26