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    1. Re: [HUCKSTERS-AND-TEAMSTERS] Life Way Back When.
    2. Joan, I think it is a great idea. There is quite a bit of old info and history that is pertinent. We are not the only ones who cherish the history of Hucksters and Teamsters. The friends of Independence National Historical Park included portraits of Hucksters in their exhibit this past fall at the reopening of the second bank of the US on Park ground in Phila. See this link <A HREF=""></A> Good old W.C. Field's, born in Philly, was the son of a Huckster, apparently <A HREF=""></A> and the reading terminal market in Philadelphia has references to their historical beginnings back to the old open air markets and Huckters of the last century on their website <A HREF=""></A> Great beginnings! Joe Hunter

    01/28/2005 07:17:46