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    1. Re: [HUCKSTERS-AND-TEAMSTERS] Fwd: Brickwalls
    2. Hello to all, ....and welcome aboard, Dolores!!! As far as I am concerned, Teamsters started out as Stagecoach some point! I know my teamsters in Philly in 1900 were not driving Mack trucks!!! Anyway, Teamsters today would probably be working hard to get your great grandfather a union card to build up the "ranks", far be it from me to pass judgement. If I did, one of my Huckster ancestors would probably pitch a tomato at me! Check out the attached links.....some great stuff on Stagecoach drivers.....this will give you a great 'feel" for what it must have been like way back then.... Best regards and best of luck in your search, Joe Hunter arkhurst_charlie.html

    01/28/2005 06:31:52