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    1. [HOYT] Daniel Hoyt - Debra Winchell
    2. Margie Florentino
    3. According to the Hoyt family history, Daniel Hoyt was b: 1, Feb., 1773 in NH to Jonathan b: 8, Dec., 1731, d: abt. 1806,m: 1st, Sarah Shepherd of Salisbury MA, 24, Jane., 1753. Some family trees show her as his mo and d: abt. Nov., 1773. Jonathan had 2 other wives and is said to have had 21 chil; the family history says they found the names of only 19, the other two probably died young. 2nd wife - Elizabeth (Eastman) Currier - wid. of Moses, 3rd - Phebe Marshall. Daniel's sibs are: Isreal6, b:1754, Jonathan6, b: 1756, Levi6, b: 1759,, Sarah, b: 1761, Enos6, b: 1764, Phineas6, b: 1766, Benjamin, b:1770, then Daniel. Hope this helps you. dewpoint75

    04/27/2009 07:42:05