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    1. Re: [HOYT] Fwd: HOYT Family Photograph
    2. Friends-- Regarding the photograph of Albert P Hoyt. Page #153 of the HHH book identifies that he was the son of David W. Hoyt who wrote the HHH history. I am unaware of the DNA testing proving that John Hoyt and Simon Hoyt were not connected. So, I will stand corrected on my statement about Simon being the father of all of the Hoyts. However, I and many other Hoyts have submitted to Y-DNA testing over the past several years, and I don't remember any who were not descended from Simon Hoyt. So perhaps there is another whole line of DNA testing from the line of John Hoyt that I am unaware of. Lastly, as some of you may know, there was a Hoyt Family Association which does not exist any longer. Roy Olsen ( a Hoyt descendant) was the founder of the Association and for medical reasons it was necessary for him to terminate his effort in maintaining the Association and it's periodic publication. However, he hired a researcher in England over ten years ago, who found that some of the information in the HHH book pertaining to Simon Hoyt's background in England was not accurate, or was incomplete. I think that there was no change in the information about Simon Hoyt in the USA. I hope I haven't started WWIII on our Hoyt genealogy !!! Best To All, George Hoyt

    01/07/2012 03:18:16