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    1. Re: [HOYT] Betsy Kilbourn married to Aaron Hoyt (?parents?)
    2. My Hoyt ancestry is back to Simon Hoyt (1629 MA Bay Colony). His son Nicholas had son David who became an early settler in Deerfield, MA. David had son Jonathan of Deerfield. (1688-1779). My lines were only in MA, CT and later migrations west to OH, IA, MN and the Dakotas. My lines did include Samuels but couldn't fit one to Mehitable. has Aaron Hoyt who married Eliz. or Betty Kilborn of Weare, Hillsboro, NH. He was the son of Abner Hoyt and Hannah Eastman as you noted. Abner was the son of Benjamin Hoyt and Mary Collins (1706-1745)(and Mary 1710-. They were of Rockingham, NH. The Eastman line of Hannah goes upward to Jacob and Elizabeth Brown. Jacob was the son of Zechariah Eastman and Martha Thorn or Thone. Elizabeth Brown was the daughter of Ephaim George Brown and Lydia Eastman (1600's). Thus a double connection with the Eastman lines. My apologies for not being much help. Have you tried or familysearch. org? Sometimes putting married couples in the search panel gives clues to missing connections. Good luck Barbara with your research! Bert In a message dated 3/28/2010 12:58:23 P.M. Central Daylight Time, [email protected] writes: For years I have been looking for the parents of Betsy (Betty) Kilbourn (spelled various ways - Kilourne etc) who married 31 January 1793 Aaron Hoyt of Weare, NH and son of Abner Hoyt and Hannah Eastman. Betsy died June 21 1862 and is buried at Sugar Hill Cemetery in Weare, NH, next to her husband, Aaron Hoyt. Somewhere I got the information that Betsy died at 88 years 8 months and 2 days. I may have gotten this from her grave stone. If I go on to the various birth date calculaters her date of birth comes out as October 19, 1773. Does this appear correct to you? Anyway when I go on to many various sites they have her date of birth as May, 1773 but never list a parent. They only show her as wife to Aaron. So am I the only one who thinks the October date may be correct? I have continued to research many Kilbourn families in New England and found one that "may" be hers. There is a Paul Kilborn and Mehetabel Nelson who married in Rowley. They had a daughter, with the name Elizabeth only her d.o.b is December 19, 1773, different from Betsy's date of birth by two months exactly. Paul died in 1782 and then a widow Mehetibel Kilbourn shows up before 1793 in Weare, NH, same town as Betsy lives with her Hoyt family. Mehetabel marries a Samuel Hoyt (I wonder if this Samuel is closely related to Aaron?) and then Samuel and Mehetabel move from Weare. Seems like some sort of circumstantial evidence that Mehetabel may be Betsy's mother. All of this leads me to suspect that my Betsy Kilbourn is the daughter of Paul Kilborn and Mehetabel Nelson of Rowley. (although I still have the two month gap for the d.o.b.) I have never seem anyone write down parents for Betsy. Does anyone have any thoughts or information regarding this possibility? I appreciate any ideas. Thanks in advance Barbara _______________________________________________ HOYT mailing list [email protected] ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to [email protected] with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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