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    1. [HONG-KONG] Recent additions to The Silver Bowl web site
    2. Sharon Oddie Brown
    3. I have recently updated my deeds data. It has links to hundreds of Irish families -- all part of me trying to learn about the JACKSONs of Urker. Since I also include notes of deeds that I find along the way that may or may not connect to my central interest, the data will interest others researching hundreds of other names, and other counties in Ireland. There are two ways of accessing this information. One way is through the index page which you can find at: The right hand column gives the date of the latest update. I have also made a pdf which includes brief abstracts of all the deeds in my research list, many of which have not yet been transcribed. There have been dozens of new additions to this document in the past month which have mostly (but not entirely) focused on JACKSONs and COULTERs. It is easy enough to search either by name or townland. For this pdf SEE: In the past month, I have also added dozens of new names as well as literally hundreds of updated entries to my Rootsweb family tree: Although this tree started with JACKSONs, and there are hundreds of them in this tree, there are also thousands of other names, all connected in some way to the collateral relations of the JACKSONs in dozens of countries. Finally, there is my blog. Recent posts of interest include (amongst others): /Reading Irish History /-- which includes two book reviews: /Facts and Theories/ -- which includes research tips and references to several JACKSON lines: /Ngaio Marsh/ -- which links Hong Kong families to New Zealand, and Thomas JACKSON as well: -- Sharon Oddie Brown, Roberts Creek, BC, Canada. History Project:

    06/04/2011 10:21:34