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    1. [HONG-KONG] 1906-7 Who's Who in the Far East
    2. Sharon Oddie Brown
    3. /This is a lengthy transcription of portions of this book - 21 pages of selected and annotated text. I have annotated all the entries that referred to men who had some sort of connection to Ireland. My purpose is that I am trying to learn more about the Irish Diaspora in the region during the late 1800s. If there was no known connection to either Ireland of HSBC, I did not include mention (or if I did - it was only because my nose twitched indicating some level of interest).//My hope is that others can shed more light on some of these men. SEE: / As always, please let me know if you spot errors. I do promise to repair them. Sharon Oddie Brown -- Sharon Oddie Brown, Roberts Creek, BC, Canada. History Project:

    08/13/2012 09:47:41
    1. Re: [HONG-KONG] 1906-7 Who's Who in the Far East
    2. Liz Chater
    3. Thanks Sharon for the Who's Who posting. Not sure if listers are aware of a new who's who recently published in Hong Kong? It's called "Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography" by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn, published by Hong Kong University Press earlier this year, January I think. Truly an amazing amount of work and detail has gone into it many biographies have accompanying images too. Very comprehensive book. Best wishes Liz

    08/14/2012 02:37:01