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    2. Sue Perras
    3. Hi John Archibald moved from Washington County, along with his brother Matthew (my direct line) his father John, at least one other brother James, and the Joseph Stewart family, a James Wilson (also my direct line), and other families. Family history says they came down river on boats. Originally Mason County was Bourbon County, and you will find some information on Archibald in it, he was more politically active than Matthew. Archibald's daughter Rachel married Joseph Fagin, a well known family and some information on the Gray line there. I have Archibald's children as: Andrew, Archibald Jr., Hiram, Isaac, John, Rachel, Henry, Vincent, James, Jeremiah, Aaron, Mary, Elizabeth, Nancy (his mother). Archibald moved to Clermont County, Ohio, around 1800 when they opened the NorthWest Territory. His brother had land in Adams (later to become Brown) county, Ohio, that he gave to his son John (my direct line). Archibald passed away in 1819, Matthew in 1836. They also knew and hunted with Daniel Boone. We are packed somewhat for a move, when i have everything open I will get you more. Sue John Gray <> wrote: Hi Sue - I did a us Population Census search for Brown, Butler & Clermont Counties, OH.. These are swing counties in OH, lots of folks transited these areas before moving on to other places. I could not find any matches of what I have in my Gray Master database which surprised me somewhat given that you had middle names and some of your given names are not excessively common. I think your James Stewart went by Stewart in one census. I am attaching my census search on the above three counties. Let me know if you have trouble opening it, or you see anything I cannot. Some of your people are there, especially in Huntington Twp., Brown Co., OH, and Ohio Twp., Clermont Co., OH. I have coded your family PA-40 for reference purposes. I previously had some of your family in my KY-10 file but I merged that into PA-40. I also scoured my vertical KY & PA files just to make sure I did not have something that I failed to put into the database, but found very little that was helpful. Keep in touch. John At 04:04 PM 9/8/2007, you wrote: >I have been reading your posts with anticipation. My Gray line was >in Morgan Township, Washington County, Pa. My direct line went to >Mason County, KY. and Brown County, Ohio around 1790 and some are >still in the area, and I have been told that Archibald Gray, brother >to Matthew Gray, married and resided in W. Va. for a period of time, >he moved to > Claremont County, Ohio. My line is John Gray, Matthew Gray, > John Gray, James Stewart Gray, Thomas Milton Gray, John Henry Gray, > Paul Henry Gray, and my mother. Being > Scot the names repeat, and I am looking for any information that > you may have on this line. > Thanks in advance. > > Sue Perras ==== GRAY-PA-PRE1825 Mailing List ==== To contact the List Administrator: ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message --------------------------------- Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search that gives answers, not web links.

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