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    1. [GRACE] RootsWeb Mailing Lists are back up
    2. Karen Isaacson Leverich
    3. Ancestry took most of RootsWeb down a few months ago, due to security concerns, but is slowly bringing the site back online. They've been posting status updates here: So ... yes, this mailing list is alive again, and a most excellent place to share queries and results from research about the GRACE surname. Not only is the list alive, so are all the others, and running on upgraded Mailman 3.0 software. If you set up an optional mailing list account, you can control all your mailing list subscriptions in one place. (Only list admins are required to have a mailing list account.) Information on setting up an account is here: If the page won't serve, try later ... the system has been somewhat overloaded as they bring it back online. My Graces, by the way, came to Oregon in the 1930s from Wyoming, and before that lived in Tennessee and Missouri. Karen

    04/08/2018 01:18:29