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    1. [G] Printing and help needed
    2. Jean Normington
    3. Hello fellow Goons - it is quite a while since I have posted to this list. Before I ask for help I wonder if you know that if a UK citizen dies abroad their death is registered in the country they die in and cannot be registered in the UK unless you are prepared to pay an extortionate sum. This could be a reason why you can't find the death of a person. I know this because sadly my husband died very suddenly when we were on holiday in Vienna in 2016. This leads to my questions: my husband ran the Normington ONS, but I have not felt able to take it on (although I would be prepared to answer and queries). His records are entirely paper, the only thing on the computer is the Brothers Keeper software where he entered all his research. My two step sons are not interested in taking on the study let alone the enormous amount of paper he accumulated. So I thought it would be nice just to get their whole family tree printed for them (using ged-com from BK?) Can you recommend a printing service for this? Any ideas on how I can preserve all his work? Thanks in advance for any advice. Jean -- Jean Normington Boughton ONS Guild member 4342

    04/09/2018 08:55:05