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    1. Re: [GOLDSTONE-ENG] Goldstone Family Tree
    2. Rae Edwards
    3. Hello Merryn, Yes I have your family. Information was supplied by a donor to the Somerset RO a number of years ago. He obivously spent may years on the research ad it has checked out very well. I will type the section for the Goldstone of Bath that he left for us. your line is Richard 1802 Robert 16.3.1774 Richard 10.3.1745 John Goldstone arrived in Bath 1744. The section is quite long and perhaps Eve can scan it for you as she too has a copy. If not I will be happy to type it for you. or makes copies and snail mail for you. Rae in USA :)____________________________:) /_____Rae Edwards_____/

    08/03/2005 05:19:57