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    1. Re: [GOLDSTONE-ENG] Re: Laura Gouldstone
    2. Thank you for explaining about the shires and why we shouldn't use abbreviated counties, Im sorry I do tend to abbreviate too. The reason you didn't see Stephanie's original message is because like many on the list they send the messages to me. It does feel like you are sending a message out in the blue, that no one is there on the list. It appears like most if not all subscribers prefer to read messages more than to send them and when all subs prefer that, there is no list. I try to be the one that answers questions because I seem to have a large tree of Goldstone family and don't research this family currently much. I don't see any questions so I wonder if maybe the subs don't have any and maybe we don't need this list. If anyone would like to adopt the list I will gladly pass this on to someone else who may enjoy this, or who has ideas for it. Best Wishes Eve

    02/23/2006 05:22:06