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    1. Re: Laura Gouldstone nee collier born 1848 Derbyshire
    2. David Lamb
    3. Hello, Yes it is very quiet; I didn't even get Stephanie's original message to which "VIRFM" replied (unless it is a very "late" reply, and I have forgotten the original :-) Just one general point about the transcription of the 1881 Census, which list members, especially those outside the UK, may not be aware of, and could lead to confusion: Most of the county names ending with "shire" are truncated in the transcription, by removing the "shire". The problem with doing that is that what is left is the name of a town or city. So Gloucestershire appears as Gloucester, Yorkshire as York, Derbyshire as Derby, ands so on. The entry in the reply below makes it look as if Bristol (a city) is part of Gloucester (another city), and that Almondbury (a town) is part of York (a city). In fact Bristol is over 30 miles from Gloucester, and Almondbury about 35 miles from York. The strange thing is that those county names like Lancashire, Cheshire and Berkshire, which do end with "shire", but don't leave the name of a town or city when the "shire" is removed, are given in full, as are those county names like Middlesex and Suffolk, which don't end with "shire". My own GOLDSTONE interest is the descendants and ancestors of David GOLDSTONE (my 2nd great grandfather), born Witham, Essex, about 1825, died 16 May 1889, Colchester, Essex. Regards, David Lamb (Paignton, Devon, UK) ----- Original Message ----- From: <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:18 PM Subject: Re: Laura Gouldstone nee collier born 1848 Derbyshire > Hi Stephanie > > Welcome to our list which is very quiet for some reason. I hope there will be > someone who can help you, write in. > I have a large Goldstone tree but I dont have a Laura in my tree could it > be this Laura from the 1881 census? > > William GOULDSTONE Head M Male 41 Bristol, Gloucester, England French > Polisher > Laura GOULDSTONE Wife M Female 33 Fulham, Middlesex, England > William GOULDSTONE Son U Male 11 Paddington, Middlesex, England > Scholar > Albert GOULDSTONE Son U Male 10 Manchester, Lancashire, England > Scholar > Laura F. GOULDSTONE Daur U Female 7 Almondbury, York, England Scholar > > Bertha L. GOULDSTONE Daur U Female 5 Almondbury, York, England Scholar > > Arthur G. GOULDSTONE Son U Male 2 Burnley, Lancashire, England > > Source Information: > Dwelling No 274 Waingate > Census PlaceAlmondbury, York, England > Family History Library Film 1342045 > Public Records Office Reference RG11 > Piece / Folio 4377 / 86 > Page Number 2 >

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