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    1. [GOLDSTONE-ENGLAND] Does anyone want to take over this List?
    2. Hi all members I am quiting this list as it doesnt seem that enyone is interested anymore. I have notified Rootsweb,if anyone wants to take over this List please let them know. I hope you havent been getting Spam sent from some of my lists, I have been deleting them but it doesnt seem to stop. Please report this to Rootsweb also if you have them. Thank you all Eve,List Mom **************Mortgage rates drop to record lows. $200,000 for $1,029/mo Fixed. LendingTreeĀ® ( p%3Fwhereto%3Dpromopagev3%26promo%3D00279%26loan%5Ftype%3D2%26source%3D28895 60%26esourceid%3D2889560%26800num%3D1%2D800%2D289%2D3915%26AdType%3D2)

    06/05/2009 05:22:20