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    2. Hello and Welcome to the GOLDSTONE's of England mail list to all new members! We are a fairly quiet group of descendants of Goldstone's from Somerset England We are sure some of our Goldstone' s spread further then these counties also! A few tips: A Mailing List is only good for helping everyone if everyone participates [as you probably know]. People are joining at different times so we advise posting your requests for info at least a couple of times through the year. Some of us have been on the list since the start and posted our requests then, but newcomers who have joined since have no idea what we posted, who we are looking for. Put all that you know about your person e.g. dates, ages, places and names. [putting 'John Goldstone England' will not bring many [or any responses most likely] Answering requests for any info you/we have is what its all about, sharing! The Goldstone name was spelt in many different ways by recorders who often guessed at the spelling by sound. Our great grandfathers would have said that Goldstone is the only spelling but generations before may not have been taught to read and write and relied on others to write their name. We have found Goulston and many others in the past records. And of course mistakes are made by transcribers who can't decipher the writings of others. Thanks for joining us we are sure we all have some interesting family to find from the past! Eve

    05/04/2004 05:03:24