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    1. [GERMANS-WI] The pain and heartache ...
    2. Gary Rebholz
    3. The pain and heartache of projected missed search results of Ancestry Member Trees. It causes many people to pack in a bunch of names in the Given Name field; maiden and married names, nicknames, GERMAN-WI spelling variations. It's all due to the bad reputation and mistrust of Ancestry's search algorithm. If I followed the trend, my ancestor Carl August Heinrich Manthey (he signed Mantheÿ, trans. as Manthei) might look like this: Given Name: Carl "Karl" August "Aug." Heinrich "Henry" "Heinr." "Mantheÿ" "Manthei" Surname: Manthey "Mantheÿ" "Manthei" Ancestry offers the "also known as" feature found on the Profile Page -> Facts Column -> +Add button -> Add Fact or Event -> Select an event type -> Other facts: -> Also known as A Texan challenged me on using "also known as" for multiple names; he said the search algorithm doesn't use that field. Fair enough. I unchecked ALL of the "exact" boxes before searching the Public Member Trees. (My new hobby.) The result included 16 member trees with the 4-5 spelling variations for Margarethe Endress whose maiden name has been posted and copied as "Andreas" (from her husband's obit.). Her married name is found as Haertel and I've now thrown the German version Härtl into the Ancestry mix, from her son Conrad's German baptism record in Eschenau, Bavaria. Baptism research for her children born in Waukesha, WI USA would've got the average researcher closer to the Endress spelling ;-)

    01/20/2020 10:26:50